ECA Technology

Whether the institution is a restaurant, hotel, hospital, school, or food processing facility, its very important to keep working surfaces and machinery free of bacterial contamination. Currently, most of these institutions use harsh chemicals to achieve this end. Bleach is a very potent antimicrobial product, but it is toxic to humans, both through direct contact and inhalation of fumes. Solvents, floor strippers, degreasers, window washing solutions, etc, can be effective against bacteria, but are often effective against their human users as well, in the form of skin and soft tissue irritation, and must be handled with extreme caution, as they can be fatal if accidentally ingested even in small amounts. In addition to these hazards, these substances create additional concerns as they are used, and either must be properly disposed of, or washed down the drain, where they must be dealt with by wastewater treatment, and often end up in groundwater, creating toxicity for aquatic life, and water quality concerns for humans. A large institution must also pay for the shipping and handling, storage, and disposal of containers that have contained these toxic substances. What if these institutions could generate all the solvent they could ever need on site, cheaply, using modern technology that created substances that are more effective than all their toxic counterparts at their intended purpose, completely active against all forms of microbial contamination, and yet perfectly safe to humans and animals, safe enough to drink? If this sounds too good to be true, think again.

ElectroChemical Activation, or ECA, is a process through which mildly saline water is passed through an electrical cell, where it splits off into 2 seperate substances. One is hypochlorus acid, which is deadly to all known bacteria and viruses, yet totally safe to the human body, because its actually identical to a substance created by white blood cells in order to kill invading parasites, viruses or pathogenic bacteria. The other substance is a very low concentration yet highly effective form of sodium hydroxide. Both substances contain only .1 percent active ingredient, yet work over 100 times better than bleach at killing bacteria. Since the two substances can be created on site, using only saline water and small amounts of electricity, the cost per gallon is literally pennies, with no toxic side effects whatsoever! Its so safe it has been approved by the FDA for direct use on food. Absolutely no irritation to skin or soft tissue, and no more transport and disposal of toxic chemicals! For large institutions who spend sometimes thousands of dollars a month on chemicals, an ECA unit would pay for itself in as little as 3 months.

Another benefit is that with ECA technology, unlike harsh and dangerous chemicals, there is no chance of the target organism developing a resistance, which is always a concern with any kind of chemical organism control. ECA treated water can be run through any kind of irrigation system where biofilm is a problem, which is beneficial since even Ozone can be ineffective against biofilm. And again, the only byproduct is very mildly saline water. ECA’s effectiveness against pathogenic bacteria has been verified scientifically by third party research: it is active against 99.999% of bacteria and problem organisms within 60 seconds.